Editing your profile

To modify your profile, click on the "Edit Profile" button from the menu bars and this will give you the fields of your profile that can be edited.


Account visibility: To validate your account so that it is visible everywhere on the LoomFit network, you must fill in the displayed fields: current activity/position, activity/study sector, city/country and at least one country of interest/origin.

Important : In case these fields are not filled, your profile will not be visible/active in the platform.


Company/Organization: This field allows you to enter the company or organization in which you currently work. If you cannot find your company, this means that the company name is not yet on the platform. To add the name of the company click on the "Add" button then fill in the name of your company and validate. You also have the option of adding the company logo.
When a new company name is added, it will be available in the previous field and can be selected by new members.


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