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LoomFit is a Professional Networking Platform with the objective of building the African Network that will connect the African Community with its Companies, Associations, and Diaspora from around the world while also supportting and promoting Entrepreneurship and Partnerships within the Network. With LoomFit, we believe in Local and Global African talents and have the conviction that this Network will help in the growth of Africa. Building a Professional African Network means guaranteeing unlimited growth potential for tomorrow.

Why Does LoomFit Exists ?

We found that indivuiduals from Africa or its Diaspora are daily confronted with the difficulty of finding reliable companies or partners for the realization of their projects in Africa or in their country of residence. Similarly, in order to exchange constructive and useful information, they also generally express the desire to know the representation and variety of the African Expertise including its Diaspora Expertise.

It is starting from this observation that the LoomFit platform was created with the intend of building the African Network.

What Does LoomFit offers?

Africa Connection with the Diaspora: Ability to make advanced searches for profiles, companies and projects: searches can be filtered by country, city or sector for more fluidity. LoomFit also offers the possibility to its members to launch tenders and/or partnerships which can be reviewed and addressed by active members and companies of the platform. The platform also allows to create and publish events and jobs offers.

Discovery of African or Diaspora Companies: Companies can describe themselves and illustrate their expertises with examples of projects already carried out, they can also add their website and an organization chart that will present the main actors of the company.


Transparency: We emphasize the seriousness and professionalism of the members and companies registered in the platform. For companies offering services on LoomFit, once the service is completed, we have set up a system where the member who received the service can rate the company on the quality of the service rendered and the score awarded can be seen by others members.

The administrators of the LoomFit platform also have a verification system where each active company is reviewed for real existence.

Join us to Grow the Network!

We invite you to join LoomFit, submit your calls for tenders and/or partnerships or simply to build your professional network made up of African talents around you and around the world. If you have a business in Africa or elsewhere, this is also a great opportunity to promote your activity in your region and in the Diaspora.

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