Company Pages Description

The pages of companies in the platform including yours are presented in the same format. Company profile pages can be used to contact the company, view its activities or to follow its publications.


  • General Information: This section contains the name of the company, its sector of activity, its date of foundation and distribution.
  • About the "Company": Information on the company's activity statistics but also its location and its job offers.
  • Type of Organization: This section contains the organization chart of the company, its news, achievements and job offers.
  • Company rating: Ratings and reviews of members who have received services from the company will be available here.

  • Verified Company: The companies that have been checked by the platform administrators will be marked with the verified logo.
  • Contact: You can contact the company by contacting the members of the company who are on the platform or by sending a message to the company. If available, you can also contact the company through its website.
  • Follow (+): Following the company will give you access to the company's public publications.
  • Area of ​​Expertise: This section presents the professional profile of the company as it was created.


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