How it works ?

Loomfit is an ergonomic and optimized platform so that its use is as simple as possible. You can directly use the summary on the right to navigate through the different parts of this help page

Creating a LoomFit Account

Account registration and activation

The creation of an account is simple. After filling out the registration form, an email is sent to the email address you entered to activate your profile. By clicking on the link in your email, you come to the update page of your profile which is displayed as follows.

To validate your account permanently so that it is visible everywhere on the LoomFit network, you just have to fill in the displayed fields (sector, current position, city and country and the company in which you currently work) which are almost all optional except your current situation.

If you want to fill the field "Company / Organization" and you can not find your company, this means that it is simply not created yet. The addition of the company is very simple and is done in one click.

As in the image below, click on the button "Add" then fill in the name of your company and validate. You also have the option to add the company logo.

NB: When a company is added (name and logo) you can find it by doing a search in the previous field. A new person working in the same box will be able to find the added company.

Account settings

You can choose your preferred language, choose who can see your newsfeed, change your password and many other settings. To do this, go to the dedicated page via the "My Account" menu.

Creating an enterprise page

As a member of the LoomFit network, you can create multiple business pages associated with your profile. For that, nothing complicated. Go to the "My Businesses" page under your "My Profile" menu.


You arrive later on the page this page. By clicking on the button "Create a business page", the creation form opens with 2 fields only to fill in (the name of your company and the password to connect to the company page). It is recommended that you use a different password than the password on your main page.
Important: To communicate on LoomFit on behalf of your company, you must imperatively log in on your company page with the previous password.


As an illustration, the user "Stéphanie NKANTE" created a company page with the name "EXECOM". To connect to the page just fill in the password chosen in the dedicated field as below. By logging into your corporate page, you have access to the page setup where you can add the main color of your company and customize other items. Choose the status of your company in the setting.

Important: When you choose the "Enterprise" status and you want to see the green button on your page (that your business is just a real business), contact the LoomFit teams to provide us with the necessary documents. the creation of your company close to the commercial register.

Build The organizational chart Of Your Enterprise

The construction of the organization chart is simple. From your organizational chart page, click the "Edit Organizational Chart" button and add members to your chart. Describe your teams on the top block. To add a member to your organization chart you have the choice to either search for this member if it is registered on LoomFit, or add it to the Main by filling in the different fields on the left.

Submit a project on LoomFit

When you add a project on LoomFit, be sure to describe your project so that companies can offer you the best quotes possible. 


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