Add or Edit your Achievements

From the company menu or the company page, click on "Our Achievements" and on "Edit the organization chart". To create an achievement click on ‘New Achievement’ and to edit one select the achievement to be edited.

  • Configuration: You must start with the configuration which is the first step in creating an achievement. Fill in the fields corresponding to the name and type of achievement, you can also add a cover image and contributing members or supervisors.
  • Publication of the realization: In the configuration of the realization, you must check this box so that the realization can be visible in the platform.
  • Edit: Once the configuration is completed, you can proceed to the editing step of the realization. Fill in the title and description of the achievement as they will be displayed in the platform.
  • See the Result: Once the configuration and the edition completed, you can see the realization as it will be displayed in the platform.


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