Africa & Diaspora Networking Connection

Created at 02/10/2022
Location Washington-D.C., United States
Ticket Free Event
Start date 12/11/2022
End date 12/11/2022
Category Networking
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Africa & Diaspora Networking Connection

Description of the event

A New Way to Network with Engaging Activities prompting participation: The Matrix Board & The Timer Switch:
  • The Timer Switch: Networking Breaks where Speakers will be introduced.
  • The Matrix Board: Board on display during the event showing the African & Diaspora Expertise representation in the room.

Speakers will include Leaders from Africa-based and Diaspora-owned Companies along with other Professionals in specific sector of activities.
Current Companies Registered: Pembe, USA - Free mentorship and law school admissions consulting for law school applicants of African descent | PharmaKomKorp, Canada – Africa Home Care Services | Seremo, USA – Money transfer Services | Rouss & Tax Accounting, USA – Tax Services | Homhy Advisors, USA – Tax Services | NumerikInc, Benin – Web Publication Services | LoomFit, France - Free Networking Platform for Africa and the Diaspora.

Attendees and/or Speakers: Traders, Actuaries, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Tax Experts, Risk Managers, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, MBAs and more...
Please Contact Us if Interested in Presenting at the event.

The Matrix Board
Participants could fill their Sector of Activity and their City/State in the Matrix Board. The Matrix Board will be on display for the full duration of the event to give a representation of the African & Diaspora Expertise in the Room.
Participants will also be given chest stickers to fill the same information in order to prompt other Attendees to approach and Network.

The Timer Switch
During the event there will be breaks where the event organizers will Introduce an African/Diaspora Company or a Professional from a specific Sector. As soon the Time for the breaks end, participants could Switch their Focus to other attendees.

Free Food and Drinks for Our 1st Event:
  • Food: Jollof Rice, Fried Plantains, Suya and Chicken.
  • Drinks: Water, Juices and Alcoholic Drinks limited to 3-5 drinks per-participant.

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